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SCWCEA Continuing Education


It doesn’t matter what your learning style is – you will find the solutions you are looking for with a wide mix of

educational sessions at the South Carolina Annual Educational Conference on Workers’ Compensation.


Below is a listing of the CEUs/CLEs which will be pending for the Annual Educational Conference and the Workers'

Comp Academy.  Please check the website periodically for updates. 

*sessions will be filed for...

Educational Conference

CCMC (nurses) - Filed for 10.5hrs

CDMS - Filed for 10.5hrs

CRCC - Filed for 10.5hrs


NC Department of Insurance (adjusters) =Filed for 10.0 hrs


NC Bar- Filed for 10.5hrs

SC Supreme Court  - Filed for 10.5hrs

State Bar of Georgia - Filed for 10.5hrs

Workers' Comp Academy

CCMC (nurses) - Filed for 5.0 hrs

CDMS -  Filed for 5.0 hrs

CRCC - Filed for 5.0 hrs


NC Department of Insurance (adjusters) - Filed for 5.0 hrs


NC Bar  - Filed for 5.0 hrs

SC Supreme Court  - Filed for 5.0 hrs

State Bar of Georgia -Filed for 5.0 hrs


Certificates of Attendance will be available for all other licenses if requested.

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