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The SCWCEA Lifetime Service Award is an honor that may be bestowed by the SCWCEA Board upon individuals who have contributed significantly to the success and betterment of the SCWCEA and/or the South Carolina workers’ compensation system.


An individual’s contribution should be exemplary and served to enhance the administration of workers’ compensation in South Carolina, to share with others important knowledge and facilitate greater understanding of workers’ compensation in South Carolina, to advance the educational mission of the SCWCEA, and/or to bring favorable credit to the SCWCEA and the workers’ compensation system in South Carolina.


The following qualifications and criteria apply:


  • This award shall be given sparingly. Unless the SCWCEA Board concludes that exceptional circumstances exist, the award should be given to no more than three (3) individuals each year. There is no requirement that the award be bestowed each year. Lifetime Service Awards may be bestowed posthumously. Recipients of the award should be individuals that receive the strong endorsement of the Board.

  • Recipients must have maintained active membership in SCWCEA for more than 20 years cumulatively.

  • Nominations for potential recipients of the Lifetime Service Award must be made by an active SCWCEA member. A nominations form will be used to set forth achievements and other comments supportive of the nomination.  The nominations period opens on January 1 of each year. The SCWCEA President shall appoint a standing committee of active SCWCEA members that is charged with considering nominations and making final recommendations for potential recipients to the SCWCEA Board. Nominations shall be received by June 1 each year. The Lifetime Service Award Committee shall make any final recommendations to the SCWCEA Board in a manner permitting the SCWCEA Board to vote on any such awards by August 30 each year.

  • The SCWCEA Board, in bestowing this award, should give every consideration to the diversity of SCWCEA membership and interests in making the award.

  • Lifetime Service Awards shall be bestowed upon honored individuals at the SCWCEA Annual Educational Conference, or at any other time or in any other manner deemed appropriate by the SCWCEA Board.

  • Recipients of the Lifetime Service Award shall be entitled to waiver of all future registration fees for conferences/seminars and waiver of all future membership dues commencing immediately upon receipt of their award.


On January 22, 2010, the SCWCEA Board of Directors adopted the above criteria and renamed this award the Lifetime Service Award at it’s quarterly Board meeting.


Click below for a nomination form:

PDF format

Word format


Nominations should be received no later than June 1st and submitted to:


Mail:       SCWCEA

               PO Box 1496

               Columbia, SC  29202




Fax:        (803) 429-4275


The SCWCEA has conferred Lifetime Service Award membership status on the following:



Mark T. Arden, Esq.

Columbia, SC


Grady L. Beard, Esq.

Columbia, SC



Harold J. "Hal" Willson, Jr., Esq.

Greenville, SC


Ronald J. Jebaily, Esq.

Florence, SC


W. Justin Kohl

Georgetown, SC


J. Russell Goudelock, II, Esq.

Columbia, SC

Wallace G. Holland, Esq.

Florence, SC


Stanford E. Lacy, Esq.

Columbia, SC


William E.  Shaughnessy, Esq.

Greenville, SC

Patricia L. Rediehs

Charlotte, NC


John Nabors

Leesville, SC


William S. Griggs, Esq.

Columbia, SC


Doug Crossman

Lexington, SC


Ben Bowen 

 Jim Reid

Doug McKay

Hugo Spitz

Paul McMillan

John Spratling

In 2004, posthumous awards were given to:


Alvin Coleman

J.W. Derrick

Richard Foster

Bob Galloway

Isadore Lourie

Babe Nelson

Jackie Weed

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