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2021 Virtual Medical Seminar Exhibitor Information

                                                                                    SCWCEA conference attendees are looking forward to seeing you during our Annual                                                                                                        Medical Seminar, February 28 - March 2.  We feel confident that the SCWCEA Virtual Exhibit

                                                                                    Hall will be a great opportunity for registrants and companies to connect and create                                                                                                        relationships.


                                                                                    We will offer a 3D Virtual Exhibit Hall experience that will allow everyone to interact on the                                                                                              virtual show floor.  Our Virtual Exhibit Hall will be available 24/7 for our attendees during the                                                                                          meeting dates.  Attendees will be able to browse companies at their leisure and we have built                                                                                        into our schedule dedicated expo hall times, allowing your company representatives daily                                                                                              opportunities to engage with attendees.


Adjusters,  Attorneys,  Case Managers,  Employers , HR Professionals , Insurance Companies, Medical Providers, Medical Office Administrators, Nurses, Paralegals, Physicians, Rehab Professionals, Third Party Administrators, Translators, Transportation companies and many more.



Below is a look at what our 3D Virtual Exhibit Hall will include:

  •        Vendor logos prominently displayed for easy identification and location

  •        Participation in Virtual Exhibit Hall Game

  •        More time to connect with attendees without spacial constraints!

  •        Attention-grabbing greeting

  •        Company Resource Center

  •        Enhanced Engagement with Attendees


Booths 1 - 6 are Premier Booths 

         Larger 3D booth design and logo than standard booth

         Booth Registrations for four people


Booths 7 - 30 are Standard Booths

         Booth Registrations for two people


Virtual Passport Program 


The Virtual Passport Program is open for all exhibitors to participate, if they so choose. Cost to participate is $100.00


All seminar attendees will be able to join in this year's game with winners receiving VISA gift cards.  Here's how it will work.  Registrants will receive a certain number of points for performing activities such as visiting a booth, watching a presentation, scheduling a 1:1 meeting or updating their profile.  Additional points will be given to attendees visiting our Passport exhibitors.  

Virtual Booth Costs


Premier Booth - member - $500.00  (includes 4 registrations)
Premier Booth - non member - $800.00  (includes 4 registrations)​

Standard Booth - member - $300.00  (includes 2 registrations)
Standard Booth - non member - $500.00  (includes 2 registrations)​

Additional Booth Representative(s) - $99.00 each 


To register, please download and print the Registration Information and submit with full payment or complete your information online.